“I am just bad at math”

I have always believed in the importance of helping students develop and maintain a proper attitude in math. I know from my own experience how hard it is to get out of the downward spiral of the “I am bad at math” attitude. In grade 6, I started to get behind in math, and I changed my attitude toward the subject. Once I started thinking that I just wanted good at math, I had the justification to stop trying. It was ok that I didn’t do well on that test its because “I am bad at math”. No need to study I wont do well, “I am bad at math”. Why do I need to take more math courses, or science courses that involve math, I wont do well, “I am bad at math!”
Lucky for me, I had a great support system that didn’t just let me give up on math. My parents and teachers believed in me, and helped me find the proper resources to not only increase my math performance but to change my attitude about math.I went on to continue to take math courses, and in university discovered a love of stats.
These days I am happy to report that I LOVE MATH.
It is my goal as an educator to create a math positive attitude in my students. Helping them develop growth mindsets, showing them that math is fun challenge and not just a task to get an answer.
The goal of this blog is to explore math topics (i.e. math anxiety, math attitudes, growth mindsets in math), cultivating evidence from both research and my own experiences!
Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment and question, I am learning too!



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